The Indiana Coalition for Human Services (ICHS) is committed to enhancing the quality of life for all Hoosiers.

ICHS is a nonpartisan coalition, of over 25 organizations, that educates decision makers and the community on fact-based human service policy which emphasizes quality outcomes for Hoosiers, and ultimately the State of Indiana. We invest in, protect and advocate for children, people with disabilities, senior citizens and hard-working families who are trying to make a better life for themselves.

ICHS’s Vision for the Future.

Through lobbying & public policy, grassroots organizing, and outreach education, we hope to fulfill our vision to be Indiana’s unified voice for educating, advocating and mobilizing in support of policies that empower Hoosiers striving to reach their full potential.  We have a proven legacy, through over 30 years of advocacy, of speaking out with one voice on behalf of vulnerable and underserved populations in Indiana.

You Can Help Us Make Human Services a Priority.

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Have YOU Signed Up for the Invest IN Hoosiers Campaign to Encourage Legislators to Prioritize Individual Hoosiers and their Families in the State Budget?

ICHS is one of the member organizations of the Invest IN Hoosiers campaign. Invest IN Hoosiers is committed to building grass-roots support for investing in the common good of Hoosiers through the State budget. Our goal is that Indiana Legislators and the Governor will prioritize investing in Hoosiers because it is an economic issue and a moral issue, and that the State budget should meet the basic needs of all Hoosiers.

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