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ICHS Newsletter 1/26/16

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Indiana General Assembly kicks off Jan 5

The Indiana General Assembly will begin the legislative session on Tuesday, January 5.  Here are a few quick links. Bills Committees Find your Legislator Senate Committee Calendar or House Committee Calendar Senate Floor Calendar or House Floor Calendar 2016 ICHS Bill Tracking List – Check back for updates. View our ICHS newsletter archive for more [...]

Intro to 2015 Session Webinar

Intro to 2015 Session Webinar

Indiana Coalition for Human Services and Indiana Association of United Ways have partnered to offer a webinar series during the legislative session to keep you informed.  The first Legislative Update Webinar was recorded Thursday, January 22 and it gave an overview of the hot topics related to human services, new committee makeup and how to [...]

ICHS In the News

ICHS was quoted in a recent Editorial posting by the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette. The Editorial is below and for a link to the site, click here. Budgeting for a better Indiana “At a time when investment in our state’s educational system and infrastructure are key, what does a cut in individual income taxes and [...]

ICHS In The News

Indiana Coalition Touts Medicaid Expansion By Mike Corbin – | @WIBC_MikeCorbin 3/29/2013 The Indiana Coalition for Human Services says Medicaid expansion is the best option to make sure that more than 400,000 Hoosiers get affordable health insurance. ICHS President David Sklar says the move won’t cost the state any additional money. Sklar says the [...]

ICHS Press Release: Over 400,000 Have Health Care Insurance Within Reach

Over 400,000 uninsured Hoosiers have access to health insurance coverage within their reach; however, they are sitting on the sidelines waiting for the State of Indiana to act. Indiana has a historic opportunity to expand Medicaid coverage for individuals who make under 138 percent of the Federal Poverty Level under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). [...]

Let Your Local Media Know About Medicaid Expansion: Writing a Letter to the Editor

Indiana continues to debate expanding Medicaid to up to 450,000 low-income Hoosiers.  It is time for us to show elected officials widespread support for providing health care coverage to those making under 138% of poverty by informing our local media and communities about this opportunity.  The time is now to expand Medicaid, so Indiana can [...]

ICHS Guide to Safety Net Programs

Indiana Coalition for Human Services is pleased to release its ICHS Guide to Safety Net Programs, a short booklet on a few of the human service programs serving low-income Hoosiers. This guide was designed to provide information such as: * How is the program funded? * Who administers the program? * How many Hoosiers and [...]

ICHS Policy Priorities for 2013

Check out the ICHS Priorities 2013. We support policies that: * promote family sustaining wages and opportunity for upward mobility; * guarantee high-caliber education that begins in early childhood and continues beyond high school graduation; * ensures access to quality, affordable healthcare options; * maintains currect funding levels in fact-based, result-producing programs; and * invests in [...]

ICHS Testimony in Interim Study Committees

Your Indiana Coalition for Human Services is active in state legislative interim study committees ICHS provided testimony about the child abuse/neglect hotline and provider concerns in the Committee reviewing the Department of Child Services. See ICHS Testimony on DCS 9/5/12 ICHS worked with partners to coordinate testimony about the value of the State Earned Income Tax [...]

Federal Budget Impacts on Indiana

Did you miss the ICHS Annual Meeting on Aug. 22? Or perhaps you want to share the materials with your colleagues? Below are the documents provided about the Federal Budget and Messaging. Feel free to duplicate, as long as you cite your source. * Joan Huffer’s presentation slides, How Attacks on the Federal Safety Net Would Affect [...]

Indy Star Columnist highlights ICHS

Check out the July 11 column by Dan Carpenter in the Indianapolis Star, where he highlights the concerns and questions ICHS raised about issuing $100 rebates while cutting essential services to vulnerable Hoosiers.

Instead of Rebates, Let’s Restore Cuts and Fulfill Promises

With the fiscal year end closeout, Governor Daniels announced that individuals would receive $100 rebates and couples would receive $200 rebates on their state taxes next year. This comes from $2 billion (that billion with a “B”) in reserves that the Governor describes as originating from cost savings, cuts in services and a tax accounting [...]

ICHS Member Op-eds in the Star

Several ICHS members recently were published in the Indiana media with Opinion Editorials (op-eds). Samples include: David Sklar, Director of Government Relations, Jewish Community Relations Council, A Taste of Hunger to Raise Awareness, Indianapolis Star, 11/8/2011 Kerwin Olson, Executive Director, Citizen’s Action Coalition, Duke Still Dodges Accountability, Indianapolis Star, 11/10/2011 Erin Kelley, President of the League of [...]