ICHS Sends Letter to Governor Pence Asking Him to Veto SB 340

The Indiana General Assembly passed SB 340, which leads to ending the Energizing Indiana program at the end of 2014. ICHS sent a letter to Governor Pence on March 18th, 2014 requesting that he veto the bill. Some of the concerns presented in the letter were:

-Since the inception of the program through January 31 of this year, Energizing Indiana has assisted over 17,500 Hoosier households with incomes below 200% of the federal poverty level in reducing the burden of energy costs.

-Energy efficiency programs are the only utility service offerings that actually reduce costs to ratepayers.

-Energy efficiency programs help mitigate costs and reduce the need for future investments that often have a very high price tag, which low-income ratepayers can least afford.

-Utilities and their ratepayers benefit if low-income customers can pay their bills more easily, yielding fewer arrearages and disconnections.

Here is a copy of the full letter submitted to Governor Pence’s office: ICHS Letter to Governor Regarding SB 340

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