Indiana General Assembly Concludes 2014 Session

Highlights of the 2014 Legislative Session

In the late evening hours of Thursday, the General Assembly concluded the 2014 Legislative Session. Here are a few of the highlights of bills that ICHS has been following this session:

Working Hoosiers:
•HB1083 Child labor law and unemployment insurance: Changed unemployment insurance, requiring less burden of proof for employers and changing the drug testing provisions.
•HB1075 Public pensions: Established a temporary prohibition against privatization of retirement annuities for Indiana’s public employees.
•HB1351 Welfare matters; drug testing: This bill was modified throughout the session and had a wild ride in the final days. Ultimately died with a 24-24 vote in the Senate.
•The common construction wage is expected to be studied this summer in response to a legislative request.

Work-force Ready Graduates:
• HB1036 Child care and development fund eligibility: Child care providers who receive taxpayer funded child care payments will have to meet child-staff ratios, group sizes, staff training, basic nutrition and daily activities requirements.
•HB 1064 Study of career and technical education programs: Requires the Indiana career council to complete not later than August 1, 2014, a return on investment and utilization study of career and technical education programs in Indiana.
•HB1004 Early learning pilot grant program: Creates a pre-k study commission and a revised pre-k pilot for low-income children in 5 counties
•SB229 Firearm matters: Changes the law regarding where a gun is permitted by allowing guns in locked vehicles on school property and reduces penalty for leaving a gun in plain view in a car parked on school property.

Healthy Hoosiers:
•HB1391 Community living pilot program: aka the CHOICE bill, will expand the pilot to 4 regions.
•While there were a number of health bills that passed related to licensing and special situations (concussions, physical therapy, pain management), no bills related to ACA implementation or coverage expansion passed.
•The legislature has been asked to study home healthcare worker-related issues.

Invest in Accountability and Outcomes:
•SB80 Interim study committee structure: The study committee structure will be changed with a reduction in committees, including changes in there names, scope and makeup.

Thriving Communities:
•SB176 Central Indiana transit: Allows 6 central Indiana counties the option to raise taxes to support investments in central Indiana Transit options.
•SB340 Demand side management programs: The energy assistance program, Energizing Indiana, will be eliminated at the end of 2014.
•The sunset language for most tax credits, including Neighborhood Assistance Program (NAP), Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) and Unified Tax Credit for the Elderly (TCE), were removed from various tax bills

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