Call to Action: Advocate for Indiana to Expand Medicaid for up to 450,000 Hoosiers

The Indiana General Assembly is currently debating the expansion of Medicaid to cover uninsured Hoosiers.  The Federal Affordable Care Act provides significant resources for states to expand Medicaid to cover low-income individuals to ensure they receive affordable and quality healthcare.  You can help make Medicaid Expansion a priority by:

  • contacting your elected officials,
  • writing a Letter to the Editor or Guest Column in your local media, or
  • joining  the Cover Indiana Campaign, a grassroots effort to educate residents and policymakers.  Please be sure to sign up as an individual AND as an organization. It is important to show policymakers the broad base of support for Medicaid.

Below are some tips and resources to help make the case as to why Medicaid Expansion is the right thing for Indiana. Pick what makes the most sense to you.

Tips for communicating with legislators by e-mail or phone or at Third House session:

  • E-mail Subject line: Make sure your subject line is clear, such as “support Medicaid Expansion” or “why I support Medicaid expansion” or “how Medicaid expansion helps my community/mother/brother,” etc.
  • Constituent: Be sure to specify when you are a constituent reaching out to your legislators. If you are an organization that serves constituents in a district, explain how in as few words as possible.
  • Impact: Describe the specific impact for you, your family, your friend or client who is uninsured or who is insured and paying costs for the uninsured. Did you have garnishments from medical costs? Lose a home? Declare bankruptcy? Go without other basic needs? Delay life-sustaining treatment?
  • Brevity: Communications should be clear and concise. Emails should be short. Opinion pages usually limit letters to 150, 200 or 250 words (check your media). Guest columns allow greater lengths.

Resource for follow up: If you have local data or a story to share, please let the legislator (or his/her legislative assistant) to know that you have information to share, clients to meet, etc. Provide the ways to contact you (cell, email).

Letter to the Editor Samples:

Medicaid Expansion Talking Point Resources:

For a pdf version of this Call to Action, click here.



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