Federal Budget Impacts on Indiana

Did you miss the ICHS Annual Meeting on Aug. 22? Or perhaps you want to share the materials with your colleagues?

Below are the documents provided about the Federal Budget and Messaging. Feel free to duplicate, as long as you cite your source.

* Joan Huffer’s presentation slides, How Attacks on the Federal Safety Net Would Affect Indiana (CBPP_HufferPres_ICHSAnnualMtg8-22-12FullSlides or CBPP_HufferPres_ICHSAnnualMtg8-22-12Handouts). These handouts provide the research assembled by the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities.

Top 40 Federal-to-State Grants to Indiana in FY2010 from the Census (1 page)

* SafetyNetMessagingGuidance-3-23-12-FINAL, insights from 8 focus groups with research by Lake Research Partners and CBPP (2 pages). ICHS strongly encourages all Indiana Human Service staff, board and volunteers to adapt their communications to the “messaging opportunities.”

* ICHS_AnnualMeeting2012 (5 pages, 6 slides to a page)

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