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Indiana Coalition Touts Medicaid Expansion

By Mike Corbin – mcorbin@wibc.com | @WIBC_MikeCorbin


The Indiana Coalition for Human Services says Medicaid expansion is the best option to make sure that more than 400,000 Hoosiers get affordable health insurance.

ICHS President David Sklar says the move won’t cost the state any additional money. Sklar says the Healthy Indiana Plan can serve as a vehicle for expansion, but there are some changes that need to be made. Sklar says state lawmakers – currently debating the implementation of Obamacare – need to make sure the program is adequately eligible for everyone and can accommodate the large influx of people.

Sklar says HIP currently only serves about 40-thousand Hoosiers. He says rules like lifetime insurance limits and monthly cost limits for procedures would have to go. He adds that co-payments and health savings accounts would need to be affordable. Sklar says it doesn’t appear the General Assembly wants to consider Medicaid expansion without HIP as the main vehicle.

Finally, he says ICHS – a non-partisan advocacy organization – will work with lawmakers on behalf of needy Hoosiers. He says they speak for about 25 member organizations and thousands of clients.

For a link to the article and audio of the interview with David Sklar, click here.

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