Let Your Local Media Know About Medicaid Expansion: Writing a Letter to the Editor

Indiana continues to debate expanding Medicaid to up to 450,000 low-income Hoosiers.  It is time for us to show elected officials widespread support for providing health care coverage to those making under 138% of poverty by informing our local media and communities about this opportunity.  The time is now to expand Medicaid, so Indiana can capitalize on the opportunity for the Federal government to pay 100% of the cost for the first 3 years and   90% in the years to follow. 

Tips for Writing a Letter to the Editor:

  • Check the specifications for a Letter to the Editor with your local newspaper, such as word limit, how to submit, etc.
  • Be concise and focused.  Highlight no more than two main points and do your homework on facts regarding the issue. For facts on Medicaid Expansion, visit www.coverindiana.org
  • Review past letters that have been printed.  The format and style of the letters that have been printed in recent weeks will give you an idea on what types of letters the media outlet typically publishes.
  • Keep your letter to 2 to 3 paragraphs.  Your first paragraph should introduce subject and sum up your viewpoint.  The second paragraph should include information that supports your viewpoint.  The third paragraph should should be a great summary with an ending statement people can remember.

Letter to the Editor Samples

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