ICHS Seeking PR Consulting

Indiana’s premier human services advocacy partnership, the Indiana Coalition for Human Services (ICHS), is seeking approximately three hours of pro-bono public relations consulting from an agency or in-house public relations staff.

ICHS is comprised of human service providers, professional associations and policy advocates whose mission is to educate, advocate and mobilize in support of policies that empower Hoosiers striving to reach their full potential.

To that end, the ICHS has embarked upon a campaign, Invest IN Hoosiers, to persuade Indiana’s lawmakers to invest in Hoosiers because it is the right thing to do for the working families and individuals in Indiana. Meeting the basic human needs of all Hoosiers is an economic and moral imperative.

ICHS needs your time-limited help and expertise to outline a public relations campaign that could be carried out by ICHS staff and board members. In other words, “help us get out of our own way,” in moving the campaign forward.

Please contact Kristen LaEace, ICHS Treasurer, at klaeace@iaaaa.org or 317.502.7057 if you have an interest or referral.

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