Session is Over: ICHS Priority Update 4/29/13

The 2013 Legislative Session is officially over and a number of ICHS priorities made the cut, including child care regulations and a focus on quality early childhood, investment in Career Councils to help individuals find jobs, and increased Department of Child Services funding to hire additional caseworkers and call center representatives. The TANF Drug Testing Bill died in the final hours and a number of key issues were moved to Study Committees for examination this Summer. The General Assembly also did not take any action on the expansion of Medicaid, which would have provided health care coverage to over 400,000 Hoosiers. ICHS will continue to monitor these priorities over the course of 2013 and ensure the interests of low-income Hoosiers and human service organizations are represented in the conversation.

For a detailed listing of ICHS priority bills that will become law on July 1, 2013, please click here.

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